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Electric Body - Body Polish - 150ml - $70*

Body Polish is an exfoliating cleanser to smooth and pamper your face and body.
All Electric Body products are conceived with a different level of thinking - the Body Polish is no exception. When viewed under a microscope skin resembles a series of mountain ranges. To achieve smooth skin one needs to gently remove these microscopic ridges.

You could liken this process to polishing a piece of fine of wood; to achieve perfection and retain the grain you need to use fine grained sandpaper not coarse.

The Body Polish uses compounds that soften the ridges and smoothes the surface of the skin just like fine sandpaper on beautiful furniture. Rather than coarse exfoliation, it is an extremely gentle but incredibly effective polish for the skin. To further enhance the product, it includes New Zealand colostrum to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Use: Wet skin, pour a teaspoon or more of the Body Polish onto the palm of your hand, or onto a face cloth, and then massage vigorously, all over your face, for at least a minute, keeping eyes shut. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat over the remainder of the body, if desired.

NB: It is important to massage the polish for at least a minute with firm, vigorous strokes to allow time for the dead skin cells to soften and be sloughed off.

Can be used as a daily cleanser to remove makeup. Try adding 2-3 capfuls in the bath to soften and invigorate all skin cells. Also effective in a foot bath to soften and cleanse feet or as part of a pedicure.

*Pricing is in NZD and includes GST. Pricing does not include delivery and is subject to change due to international exchange rates. Please contact me for current pricing and to arrange payment/delivery details.

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